Payroll assurance scheme

The CIPP Payroll Assurance Scheme consists of two modules – the payroll module (PAS) and the payroll people module (PQP). PAS focusses on payroll processes and PQP focusses on learning and development of the staff within the payroll function.

The process module (PAS)

PAS provides organisations with assurance that:

  • Payroll and associated processes are fit for purpose and comply with government legislation
  • Appropriate controls are in place to reduce payroll errors
  • Suitable processes are in place for preparing for legislative and organisational changes
  • The PAS assessment process will also highlight areas for development and improvement.  

Business benefits of the Payroll Assurance Scheme

  • Improvements in process lead to greater effectiveness and efficiencies within the payroll function in turn leading to overall time and cost savings for the organisation
  • Use of the PAS accreditation logo on your organisation’s communications and marketing materials will demonstrate to employees, customers and suppliers that your organisation is dedicated to compliance and best practice
  • Increased staff motivation and improvements in productivity as it demonstrates the organisation’s investment in the staff’s learning and skills development
  • Improved service levels to colleagues (in-house payroll) or customers (managed service providers)

To achieve the accreditation

  1. Register your interest below
  2. CIPP will provide you with initial information to assist you in deciding whether the scheme is appropriate for your needs
  3. If you decide to engage in the process CIPP will host an introductory meeting (face to face or virtual) to set you on the road and give you enough information for you to prepare for the assessment.
  4. When you are happy that you are ready for our assessor to visit you to undertake the assessment you let us know and we will confirm the assessment date
  5. The assessment is based on you providing our assessor with suitable documentary evidence to support your application.  The assessor’s report is scored against a CIPP benchmark scorecard.

PAS will also highlight areas for enhancement and improvement.  


The people module (PQP)

PQP is the people module of the Payroll Assurance Scheme (PAS) and is designed for organisations committed to best practice in the learning and development of their payroll people.

It is an accreditation of the policies, processes and procedures relating to learning and development of payroll staff within the payroll team and will specifically focus on:

  • Diagnosis of skills levels and learning and development needs
  • Appraisals and setting objectives which link into the organisations overall mission and vision
  • Measures to establish whether learning and development undertaken has been effective

For more information

For more information on the CIPP Payroll Assurance Scheme, please contact us using the enquiry form.

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Payroll Assurance Scheme FAQs

Whilst the CIPP has assessed and accredited the payroll processes and procedures, we have no association with any of the other practices or processes linked to organisations accredited with the Payroll Assurance Scheme. Should you wish to make a complaint about an organisation accredited with the Payroll Assurance Scheme, the CIPP can only investigate areas covered by the members code of conduct.